Bohol Countryside Tour – Shared Tour P600 Per Pax

Bohol countryside tour is a must when you are in Bohol. Delve into the grand sceneries of this Province with this tour deals. ( Click here if your preferred pick-up and drop-off point is within Cebu ). Allow us to be part of your Bohol tour journey in seeing the mounds of limestone formation of the Chocolate Hills. Here, you will also appreciate the striking and peculiar looks of the world’s smallest primates, the Tarsiers. As you go along in discovering the marvels of the tourist destinations in Bohol, like the Blood Compact Shrine in Bool, Tagbilaran City, the Man-made Forest in Bilar, Butterfly Conservation Center, and many others, we will not forget to have you dine on a floating restaurant while on a Loboc River Cruise with so many surprises. You also have the option to take that ATV, zip line and cable car adventure.

Yes! Bohol Countryside Tour. All these sound exciting, and we will be there to make sure that your Bohol trip gets the quality service you deserve!

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Tour Rate

What’s Included

  • Aircon transportation
  • Tour driver/facilitator
  • Designated pick-up/drop-off place within Tagbilaran or Pangla

Not Included

  • Tour Fees
  • Lunch
  • Loboc River Cruise
  • ATV Fee

Tour Itinerary

  • 8 to 8:15 AM pick-up time at Mcdonalds, Alona Beach, Panglao
  • 8:45 to 9 am pick time at Dunkin Donuts, Tagbilaran Plaza, near St Joseph Cathedral
  • Blood Compact Shrine
  • Baclayon Church
  • Butterfly Center
  • Python
  • Loay/Loboc River cruise with lunch
  • Man Made Forest
  • Tarsier
  • Chocolate Hills
  • ATV Tour
  • Travel to Tagbilaran
  • 6 pm arrive in Tagbilaran drop-off area
  • 6:30 pm Drop-off at Mcdonalds, Alona,  Panglao
  • End of tour

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What To Expect

  • Blood Compact Shrine  Witness the bronze sculpture of our history immortalized by Boholano National Artist, the late Napoleon B. Abueva. Seal your friendship and raise your glass with friends in this momentous spot
  • Baclayon Church
    – Admire the structurally unique and authentic materials used in the declared National Cultural
    Treasure located in Baclayon, Bohol. One of the Oldest Church in the Philippines and a National Historic Landmark houses sacred antiques from as far back as the 16th century.
    – Travel only 6 kilometers from the city and see the church made of coral stone and egg whites mixed as plaster.
  • Loboc River cruise with lunch
    – Get enchanted in one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines located almost in the center of
    – Take an hour-long cruise along the river and enjoy the music and the sumptuous serve of food and drinks aboard its floating restaurant
    – Spectate and join the presentations prepared for you by the natives of the islands with their traditional dance and tune.
  • Butterfly Center
    – Fly high with the butterflies in Bilar’s Conservation Center
    – See the amazing transformation of the many colorful special insects of the world in this
    garden sanctuary
    – Learn in the exhibit and demonstrate your inquisitive side with the locals who are skilled in breeding butterflies
  • Man-made Mahogany Forest– Marvel in the 2-kilometer stretch of a thick forest along the boundaries of Loboc and Bilar
    – The Bohol Mahogany Forest is man-made carpeting of the slanted grounds of the area
    – Jump high and relish the majestic views of the green canopy as you look up skies in this earthly treasure
  • Tarsier Viewing – Widen your eyes and see the remarkable force of nature, the smallest primate, the tarsier– Trail in nature in a protected forestry park as you surprise yourself by seeing the very shy and clingy primates
    – Learn your way in as the tour guides help you understand how we can help preserve these species
  • Chocolate Hills – Reach for the stars on your way up in a 214-step wide view of the most famous tourist spot in the province, the Chocolate Hills.                                      – Over a thousand symmetrical mounds and dome-shaped hills that look like Hershey’s Kisses turn green on rainy days and turn chocolate, especially on a hot summer. Do different activities also near or by the hills, like ATV rides, Ziplines, and many more
  • Ship Haus
    – Experience living in a house shaped like a shipping vessel located at the heart of Batuan, Bohol
    – Designed like a real ship, you shall see the captain’s cabin, pantry, mess hall and be served by the employees dressed in a sailor’s uniform.
  • Souvenir Shop
    – Left your family and friends? Don’t worry, you can always bring Bohol to them with the souvenir and gift items in the many shops that offer all delicacies and Local products of the residence in the province.